Goondiwindi could not be missing from the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast may be almost five hours away from Goondiwindi, but there’s an invisible line of connection between the two.

Even if you dig beneath the “Go” alliteration at the start of their names and sweep aside the Goondiwindi to Gold Coast cycle tours,  you’ll also find that they both share a sense of optimism for the future and great business prospects ahead. 

Then, there’s the sport, and Goondiwindi could not be missing from the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. 

Goondiwindi Mayor Graeme Scheu had prepared for the event by ensuring that the town capitalise on the movement of people heading to the Gold Coast by providing plenty of reason for them to pass through Gundy to enjoy the Australian Water Skiing Championships and Easter on the Macintyre events.

In fact last year’s Easter on the Macintyre theme was: “Only One Year until the Commonwealth Games”. This message was particularly relevant for a town driven by sports and recreation. 

Now, the Games are finally here and Goondiwindi is definitely in the thick of things.

There was clear indication of this when we asked our Facebook followers to tell us if they knew anybody who was going to the Commonwealth Games. 

No sooner did we ask the question, that readers started pointing the finger at each other. We could sense the feelings of pride in their comments. 

“Lynne Bell is there, as a volunteer driver,” said Caitlin Morris of this Goondiwindi lady whose role it is to “transport officials, athletes and their families around the Gold Coast. 

No sooner did Jordan Vukovich name Beth McLaughlin as a volunteer, that she sent us a photo from the Athletes Gym. 

Others felt a sense of pride by association. Though technically not from the town, Gwenda Mould’s niece Demi Mutch from Toowoomba is at the games doing her bit for sport (see picture). 

Everybody loves a little bit of an insider story, and we have a lot of Goondiwindi insiders at the Commonwealth Games able to give us the behind-the-scenes scoop. 

Do you have an insider’s story from the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games?

Or do you have any pictures to share with us? 

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