Australian Army Tiger helicopters visit Goondiwindi Aerodrome

A small crowd of enthusiastic onlookers were treated to a flying visit by two Australian Army Tiger helicopters last Thursday afternoon at the Goondiwindi Aerodrome.

The armed reconnaissance helicopters were flown by four first Aviation Regiment pilots, including former local Captain Ben Sheridan.

Normally based in Darwin, the pilots were on a training rotation to the School of Army Aviation located outside Oakey and conducted the flight to Goondiwindi as a formation navigation exercise.

Captain Sheridan enjoyed showing the local area to his colleagues.

After landing, the pilots answered questions about the aircraft and life in the Australian Army and let the children get a taste of being a pilot from the cockpits of the Tigers. It was an experience the children will remember for a very long time.

The pilots enjoyed afternoon tea at the airport clubhouse and were impressed by the friendliness and interest shown by the locals.

Those who remained to see the two aircraft depart were treated to a show of the extreme maneuverability and power of the machines.

The Tiger is used to gain information with an array of sensors and, if need be, engage targets with 30mm cannon, 70mm rockets or the HELLFIRE missile system.

Weighing in at over 6 tonnes the helicopter is powered by two jet engines producing up to 3000 horsepower. 

The pilots wear a special helmet which allows them to use their heads to aim the weapons systems and to fly at night using night vision devices. The back-seat pilot can use the roof mounted sight to search for and prosecute targets using thermal imaging.