Goondiwindi Gun Club host two-event program

Nineteen shooters nominated for Goondiwindi Gun Clubs latest two-event program.

Scorching weather made events pretty uncomfortable for nominees, however most shooters came through with some “handy” results.

“We had a great day,” Janie Moloney said.

Event one was carried out in two passes (25 clays then 50 clays).

While event two was carried out in three (25 clays each pass). 

Goondiwindi’s Doug Makim and Ray Christie of Tarawera both scored 72/75 which sent them into a shoot-off for A grade first and second place in event one.

Their positions were decided after three clays; Doug secured the victory.

A shoot off for AA first and second place event two was settled between Jason Sipple of Goondiwindi and Clyde Mitchell from Moree via coin toss.

Both shooters scored a 73/75. However Mitchell won the toss.

“The club also welcomed a new member Kristy Carter to our team,” Moloney said.

The events were sponsored by Kenway & Clark and Goondiwindi Tyre Service.