Isabella’s start-up is the future of news

Whipping up a media frenzy. Isabella Hawker.

Whipping up a media frenzy. Isabella Hawker.

Is the next Rupert Murdoch of the media world from Goondiwindi? Well, you never know.

Isabella Hawker has left The University of Queensland as founder of her own media company and a graduate of both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Communication programs.

That company, WhippNews, is an easy way of keeping up to date with what’s happening in the world, without perhaps, the white noise of trying to decide what's fake and what isn’t.

It’s certainly making people take notice. And she has thanked Goondiwindi for some of its success.

“I believe the Goondiwindi community provided me with a foundation. We were encouraged to get involved in the many community events, and while sometimes feeling challenged, our teachers and friends supported our efforts. I am grateful for the values of effort and persistence they instilled.

Isabella gets a few tips from business expert and "Shark", Steve Baxter.

Isabella gets a few tips from business expert and "Shark", Steve Baxter.

“That support continues today, after launching my own first ‘startup’ venture, WhippNews. The 4390 postcode was the strongest subscriber.  Go Gundy! Still supporting fresh ideas.  I have many ‘Whipp Bassadors’ at home and they are seriously awesome.” And so, according to many, is the new news service.  Isabella came up with the idea of WhippNews last year after realising her friends and colleagues were frustrated at finding time to stay up-to-date with world news.

“In the 24-hour news’ cycle there was just not enough time and there seemed to be no news sources that were writing in an interesting and entertaining way,” she said. “So I decided to put my communications skills to work and create a news source specifically for millennials.

“I came up with the idea for WhippNews, a free email newsletter that summarises the top news stories you need to know three mornings a week. It was very exciting, but a lot of work. Getting up at 4.30am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning to curate and summarise the news was hard at first, but once I was in a routine it got easier.

“Other than writing and sending out WhippNews I would spend another five hours a week editing the website, managing social media, making changes to our style and promoting/trying to grow our subscriber base.”

She now wants to help Goondiwindi buisnesses.“I want to assist the Chamber of Commerce in developing an incubator program to support awesome local ideas.” Check it out Isabella’s news. it’s a FREE condensed news service delivered to your email three times a week., on Facebook and instagram.