Response to same-sex marriage dilemma

As a “genuine homosexual Australian”, whose concerns lay not only in the lawful entitlements but also the political aspects of same-sex marriage, I thought I would take some time to respond to an opinion piece by Ian Larard on November 15, titled  “Dilemma of same-sex marriage and social media”.

There is a lot to unpack in your “opinion” but I will start with the most tacit and offensive – the conflation of homosexuality and paedophilia. Credible study after study after study after study finds no evidence which might inform your view that homosexuality and paedophilia are linked. It is untrue.

The change in sodomy (forgive me for using the “politically incorrect” term) legislation you so triumphantly point to as proof of this “paedophilic agenda”, as well as the names (one of which you couldn’t even muster the respect to spell correctly) of three unfortunate victims of terrible crimes, are shameful and despicable.

Indeed, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation has implied, in light of the recent same-sex marriage survey results, that they support marriage equality. There is no mention in your “opinion” of your concern for young girls who have, for decades, had the age of consent set at 16. This omission leads me to assume your attack is based solely on your discomfort with people like me.That is the definition of bigotry. Regarding your acquaintance with homosexual couples that have no interest in marriage - this is an anecdotal observation and, therefore, moot.

On this point, firstly, there is no prerequisite for interest in equality in order to be granted access to equality – equality is a right, and we are tax-paying citizens deserving of that right. Secondly, a vast majority of gay people voted for the legalisation of same-sex marriage. Communities in Maranoa should not wonder why there is an exodus of youth from rural areas when there exist harmful and out-of-touch opinions such as yours.

I grew up in Goondiwindi, and my entire family reside there and have for at least four generations. This year will be the first in seven years I will be spending time with them over Christmas. I do not visit often because of people like you. It is me who has suffered, and it is my family who has suffered.

You have not suffered, Ian. Not in this respect. And you will not suffer. Same-sex marriage, which now has the mandate (excuse the pun) of a clear majority of Australians, affects you in no way. You should be mature enough to concede that.