Maranoa MP says he will vote 'no' to support his electorate's decision

THE Federal Electorate of Maranoa has returned a ‘no’ vote to the same-sex marriage survey, released today, and David Littleproud MP said he will use his vote in the House of Representatives in line with his electorate’s result.

“While Maranoa didn’t return the highest ‘no’ vote in Australia, survey results revealed 56.1% of Maranoa voted no and I will use my vote according to my electorate’s wishes,” Mr Littleproud said

Mr Littleproud’s personal decision was to vote ‘no’ but he has always said he’d listen to Maranoa and vote according to the majority.

“In Maranoa, I believe the debate was respectful and considerate and, in my electorate, 78.2% of eligible voters returned their survey compared to the Queensland participate rate of 77.9%,” he said.

Across Australia, 61.6% voted in favour of same-sex marriage with a national participation rate of 79.5%.  In the House of Representatives, 17 federal electorates returned a no vote out of 150 seats.

“Regardless of the result, we stick together in the bush.  If there’s a flood or fire – no matter your background or lifestyle, we’re all standing side-by-side filling sandbags or volunteering to help the whole community,” he said.

“Australians have spoken and resolved the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry, it’s now up to elected representatives to organise the legislation and I’ll play a constructive role to make sure it meets society’s expectations.

“Religious freedom and if same-sex marriage would be included in our education system were consistently raised with me as areas of concerns so, as the Maranoa MP, I will make sure my electorate’s strong voice will form part of this further debate.”

In the survey, the question was put to Australia: “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”

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