Loads of aqua-fun at Inglewood Aquathon

Individual competitors for the 8-9 years Inglewood Aquathon; in second place Will Ramsay, in first place Nate Scott and a close third Laine Welch.
Individual competitors for the 8-9 years Inglewood Aquathon; in second place Will Ramsay, in first place Nate Scott and a close third Laine Welch.

More than 60 juniors competed in the Inglewood Aquathon on Sunday.

Each participant was split into their respective age groups for the run, swim, run event.

Although numbers dwindled from last year, competitors travelled from neighbouring communities for the Inglewood event.

Years 5-7 did a 500 metre run, a 50 metre swim and another 500 metre run. The 8-9 years completed the same running distance but had a 100 metre swim in between.

Ages 10-11 completed a one kilometre run, a 200 metre swim and another one kilometre run. The 12-14 age group did a two kilometre run, a 300 metre swim and a one kilometre run to finish.

The open category completed a two kilometre run, a 400 metre swim and another two kilometre run.

Annually the event is organised and run by Naomi Phillips and Antoine Ferre from the Inglewood Aquatic Centre with the help from  Jaime and Raymond Scott. 

It is heavily supported by local volunteers, the Inglewood Swimming Club Volunteers, Inglewood SES Cadets and Texas SES Volunteers.

“The event is all about encouraging kids to participate in community events and live a healthy, active lifestyle. We are seeing a lot more individual competitors as the years go on,” Phillips said.

The children were very encouraging to one another throughout the day, even piling out of the complex to run beside one of the runners struggling to finish their event.

“It was so great to see the children cheering each other on and supporting each other during the events,” Phillips said.

At the end of the aquathon, a 10-person relay was held to determine the ‘Town of Origin'. Although Texas had won the past two years it was Inglewood who took the reigns for 2017.

Exciting news was shared on the day as Halle Belford and Braithen Scott from Texas, and Harry Wright, from Inglewood, made the Darling Downs Aquathon team this year.

A lot of kids participate in the trials each year to try and make the team, Phillips extended a congratulations to the tree children who train regularly at Inglewood Aquatic Centre.


Open male

1 Cooper Timms

2 David Elsley

3 Bailey Hahn-Elsley

Open teams

1 Harry Wright and Braithen Scott

2 Naomi Phillips and Jaime Scott

3 Jessica Bartlett and Matthew Bartlet

5-7 yr teams

1 Leah Ferre and Mitchell Clarke

2 Harper Drennert and Angus Bennett

8-9 yr boys individual

1 Nate Scott

2 Will Ramsay

3 Laine Welch

8-9 yr girls individual

1 poppy Coventry

2 Tilly Lever

3 Addison Hill

8-9 yr teams

1 Imogen Johnstone and Lucas Clarke

2 Erin O’Rourke and Chloe O’Rourke

3 Millie Wolfe and Matt Rodgers

10-11 yr boys individual

1 Braithen Scott

2 Harry Wright

3 Mac Ramsay

10-11 yr girls individual

1 Halle Belford

2 Molly Coventry

3 Maggie Cater

12-14 yr boys individual

1 Jack Hill

12-14 yr girls individual

1 Mackey Hill

2 Mikeely Scott

12-14 yr teams

1 Reagan Johnstone and Ryan McPherson

2 Maddi Slack and Georgina Loughnan

3 Ruby Wright and Lily Robson


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