Political dilemma, same sex marriage vote and social media

Historically politicians have manipulated and channelled public thinking to benefit themselves until recent modern times. Barack Obama became aware of the potential for social media use in politics and utilised it well in a successful election campaign. Since social media membership has unified worldwide, so becoming the modern social controller. 

Let us stop and think (flight mode please) about the unnecessarily divisive and very expensive postal survey. The outcome, with the harnessing of social media by socialist politicians, is a forgone conclusion. Politicians on all sides of Federal Parliament should be mature enough to concede the dangers to the social fabric of drafting into law a new definition of marriage which will change forever a major aspect of our lives.

The actual concern of genuine homosexual Australians does not include the political aspect or religious distraction, it is lawful entitlements, the same as those afforded to legally married heterosexual couples, like their parents mainly. 

The source of socially disruptive desires for the same-sex relationship issue is as predictable as it is harmful. Politicians promoting themselves, leaders of sports groups and big business all recognising the power of social media and its useful influence. 

I know and know of plenty of homosexual couples who have no interest in marriage.None are involved in attacking the concept of normality (their parents). They simply want their legal equality. The grey areas of this proposed law change have been deliberately concealed from the powerful social media. Helping the socially oppressed is an empowering desire with a feel-good and righteous embrace for all affected and included. 

Politicians, using this humane spirit, have seized the moment and BAA coded the masses who have been turned in their direction.The shepherd, socialist bill with green ball boys has momentum carrying a multi-coloured “equality” sign (which is exactly what’s required legally), has passed the point of relevance by including permanent social dysfunction with marriage for homosexual couples in his socialist control agenda. 

The grey area is the dangerous, ever present homosexual paedophile who own’t be content with lawful same-sex relationships, they will promote same-sex marriage (probably for the same reasons as bill) in order to attack moral, social and spiritual considerations.

Politicans, priests and paedophiles should always have transparent separation of interest. Presently that doesn’t exist. Some school teachers also deserve a dishonourable mention, an example being the homosexual paedophile teacher of a young future state of origin champion, Peter Jackson, who could not reconcile his huge adult character popularity with the quiet time torment of his memory. Peter took his own life and Queensland lost. 

Social justice campaigner Hetty Johnstone has acquainted herself with the daily horror of child sexual abuse, you should also. Danial Morcombe hopefully will be with us for time into the future. (Richard, your rainbow scarf has no grey area – your promotion of self-association becomes the grey area).

The easiest way of avoiding the harmful great divide is to legally confirm the social inclusion of homosexual couples without destroying a time-honoured normality of perpetuating the race via a man-woman marriage ceremony.

All State Governments, Queensland being the last in September 2016, have unwittingly or otherwise used preconceived academic notions of juvenile homosexual behaviour to change the time-honoured legislation with: Examination of the Queensland Health and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016.2.1.1.

Queensland Labour Government passed an amendment of the age of consent for sexual intercourse to 16 years from 18 years. They replaced the reference to sodomy with anal intercourse (we must be politically correct).

The lawful anal penetration of 16-year-old boys is now endorsed Australia-wide. This represents a huge breakthrough for the homosexual paedophiles. Doctor David Van Gend told politicians about the harm it compounded on underdeveloped sexually confused children. The Doctor’s concerns were dismissed by the Queensland Government. he was from the real world and wasn’t one of them. When he went they all remained to continue amending. The enlightened Queensland Labor Minister Cameron Dick promoted the Bill Amendment.

Religious belief is not a prerequisite for marriage, however it is a huge support base for family values, particularly with children.