Need a place to live then come to the friendliest, most innovative town in Australia

From the nation’s ag-tech capital to a rural showcase on how to celebrate what’s great about rural communities and the ties that bind them.

You can’t say that Jerome Leray doesn’t think big or that he doesn’t see the bigger picture.

Perhaps it’s because of the sky-high view he gets of the place?

The man making a name for himself using drone technology is one of the driving forces behind a month-long festival to do all of the above and more.

They just a need a name which embraces their idea.

“We want to showcase local produce and create experiences designed to connect people to the farms and farmers who produce their food and fibre,” Jerome said.

“The key events for the first year of the festival will include a cotton-themed fashion extravaganza which will highlight local cotton production as well as exquisite catering by local food producers, and a weekend of Inglewood farm tours culminating in an evening event which will be created around more local produce.

“You can be a part of a great tradition by helping us find an agriculturally-inspired name for the event.

“Naming the event is a prize that money can’t buy, it’s your chance to be a part of history as the name chosen will proudly represent the event for years to come.”

You will also win two VIP passes giving you entry to any and all events during the month long show.

“There are no rules, no parameters, so get your thinking caps on and send us your suggestions."

“The event offers a farm experience like no other. Explore local farms, see and touch the latest technology and innovation, and experience the life of a farmer - all in one great place,” Jerome said.

But the group is hoping other events such as the poetry and arts festival and the Giddy Up festival may tie-in their events to the month-long showcase of the region.

Many have asked why Goondiwindi? While many may not realise, Goondiwindi is arguably Australia’s Ag Tech capital.

Spot spraying technology was developed around here, controlled traffic invented here - Bee Line, one of the world’s largest boom sprays was manufactured here in Gundy (Hayes Spraying), autonomous tractors have been operating just down the road at Beefwood, innovation in soil moisture technology (Goanna Telemetry), the list goes on.

The wealth of innovation that is in this area is unparalleled.