Heavy-footed Plucked Duck lover runs foul of the law

A heavy-footed B&S Plucked Duck lover has run foul of the law.

It was a busy weekend for police  with more than 2000 attending the famous ball which attracts visitors from as far afield as Sydney and Rockhampton.

Police pulled over one disqualified driver, two unlicensed drivers, nine drink drivers, and four drug drivers.

Officer-in-Charge of the Goondiwindi police Sgt Richard McIntosh said he was disappointed with the number of drink and drug drivers.

“That’s a recipe for accidents and I can’t think of anything worse than having to contact a young kid’s parents to say they won’t be coming home.”

Just as concerning was one speed driver.

He was clocked at 164km/hr in 100kr/hr zone.

His excuse?

He was late for the B&S.

‘He’s lucky he made it at all,” Sgt McIntosh said.