Racing Around the Ridges

Well respected NSW Trainer Ron Quinton has been cleared of a potential charge of doping two of his horses with cobalt.

The horses Imanui and Boss Lane returned readings well above the allowed limit.

Stewards ruled the positive tests were due to an excessive level of cobalt in the feed of the horses.

Expert analysis found the feed called Barastoc Phar Lap contained 25.8 mg of cobalt per 1kg of feed, a reading in excess of 50 times the allowable level of 0.5 mg per kilo of feed written on the bag label.

Stewards decided not to penalise Quinton but disqualified the horses from the race they contested.

Stewards in other states who have been quick to disqualify trainers without proper investigation of excess levels could be receiving legal letters in the near future.

‘Everyone is doing it” was the excuse posed by Barton Cockburn a leading trainer driver at the “Red Hots” when fined $5000 for “fixing “ races.

In evidence he said it was common practice for drivers to plan how a race would be run.

His lawyer advised the Court Cockburn had handed in his licence which probably helped the lesser sentence.

Under new laws titled “Match Fixing Laws”, the maximum penalty can be a prison term of 10 years.  

The world’s richest race on turf The Everest with $10 million prize money will be staged at Randwick on Saturday.

The field contains some of the world’s best sprinters but the favourite for the race is a filly named She Will Reign purchased for the paltry sum of $20,000.

She was syndicated to 35 people from all walks of life.

We are assured this story is true.

Getting close to the opening ceremony at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

One of the most distinguished British athletes of all times Sebastian Coe has been caught in traffic and he rushes to gate A and flashes his pass.

The steward stops him and informs him this pass is for gate N which is on the other side of the stadium.

‘Look” says Lord Coe “Do you have any idea who I am? I am Lord Sebastian Coe, world record holder in the 800 metres and 1500 metres and three time Olympic Gold Medallist”.

The steward looks him up and down and says “Shouldn’t take you long to get to gate N then should it”.