Police are continuing inquiries into a spate of break-ins and robberies on Sunday

Five local businesses were broken into on Sunday night and the early hours of Monday morning. 

In security footage, the perpetrators appeared to use a sledgehammer to enter the businesses and steal both goods and money. 

Offenders were allegedly intercepted in Sandhurst Street and were followed in New South Wales by NSW Police until they reached Boggabilla and eventually escaped. 

Farmgate Burns Butchery, one of the businesses that were broken into, had almost $3,000 worth of meat stolen, mainly rib fillets and rump steak. “The other businesses are just down the road, all of them in close proximity,” Farmgate Burns Butchery’s Tracey Jackson, who works with her father. 

Owners have told The Argus they are concerned about the safety of their businesses. Subway Restaurant was also broken into on July 2, 2017. “It worries me that my business has been robbed twice in three months,” Subway owner Vivek Mehta said. He also has another store in Warwick.

“I am still calculating the cost of the damage. They got away with a fair few drinks and money.” 

Mr Mehta is disappointed that he still hasn’t heard from police regarding the last break-in. “I have no idea about the status of that break-in and it concerns me that this new one may have the same result,” he said. “The community, especially business owners, should be aware of what is happening.” 

Police are continuing with their inquiries into the matter.