Will Day wowed the Plucked Duck B&S as he celebrated Australian music award

Rising star Will Day wowed  more than 2000 party-lovers at Goondiwindi's Plucked Duck B&S Ball on Saturday.
Rising star Will Day wowed more than 2000 party-lovers at Goondiwindi's Plucked Duck B&S Ball on Saturday.

He wowed them at the Goondiwindi B&S.

He’s quickly gaining a recognition as one of the hardest working, down to earth and nicest, country and music singers in Australia.

He’s been named the Southern Stars Rising Star of the Year by the Australian Independent Country Music Association for his song Season..

He’ll always call Goondiwindi home.

He’s Will Day.

Will found about the award win only minutes before taking to the stage at the annual Plucked Duck B&S Ball in Goondiwindi on Saturday night.

More than 2000 had lined up to. enter the Goondiwindi Showgrounds for the annual bush shindig which attracts party-lovers from hell, west and crooked, from Sydney to Brisbane.

And they all helped Will and his band celebrate.

“This is amazing news, it really means a lot to me,” he said just before he performed.

“I'm a little shocked to be honest.

“I am very proud to be an independent artist and to have such amazing support is very much appreciated.

“About to go live from the Goondiwindi B&S, can’t wait.”

What a show he put on.

Ellen Dunger from Armidale raved.

“He was so into the crowd and just entertained.

“Didn't leave anything left on the tank and the crowd loved him. 

“He knew what songs the crowd would love and everyone belted them out with him.” Including, we presume, Ellen.

Based on the coast, Will has been working, well, everywhere.

He has numerous regular weekly gigs in Brisbane but knows the roads and highways from the coast out west to Nindigully, the famous pub just east of St George, like the back of his hand.

Hard work and talent pays off according to Australian country music veteran and Will’s mentor,  Col Finley. 

“Massive shout out to my mate and partner in crime Will Day on his win for his awesome song Season, this is the first of many for this talented young buck...’Good on ya mate and I got to say, I told ya, it's cracking song’.”

Will began like many singer/songwriters by picking up a guitar in his early teens.

He was supported enthusiastically by his biggest fans, proud mum and dad Catherine and Phil.

Sadly the harsh reality of life struck Will early when he lost Phil to brain cancer in 2007.

Will’s father was principal of the State Primary School and a much-loved member of the community.

He says that now, as husband and father, the roll Phil played in his life and his loss, permeates his own music.

“And make me think about the important things in our lives.”

Will left Goondiwindi in 2008 for the hustle and bustle of Brisbane to study and complete a Bachelor of Popular Music (majoring in contemporary vocals). 

“Will Day is a true song smith with the ability to capture his audience in the stories he sings, a true gentlemen of today’s hard music industry, there are exciting times ahead for Will and his music,” Col said recently.

We reckon your right Col.