Poetry and arts festival thank you

Poets Laura Jobling from Goondiwindi with Herb Wharton and Bill Moran.
Poets Laura Jobling from Goondiwindi with Herb Wharton and Bill Moran.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in and experienced first-hand our Poetry Arts Festival in Goondiwindi from 15th – 19th August.

Firstly, thank you to the Goondiwindi Regional Council, Proterra, Apex, Fairfax Media, The Argus, and Lions Club for their generous donations.

Six poets/entertainers organized through Queensland Poetry Festival arrived on Thursday evening (Simon Kindt, Caitlin Armstrong, Kristian Santic, Bill Moran, Matt Hetherington, Herb Wharton and were generously cared for by Margie Bowman of Bronte House and entertained us through school workshops, street theatre as well as Friday and Saturday evening.

Tuesday evening saw movie buffs enjoy Dead Poet’s Society thanks to Sarah Little and Laura Woods for organising.

Thursday evening was the official Opening Night of our Festival and the display of photography including some lines of relevant poems was spectacular.

Many thanks to Michelle and Rick Kearney, Hanh Tuong Greenland, Melissa Carrigan, Pauline Clyne Rachel Walker and Peter Green. Thank you to North Star, Yetman and Croppa Creek schools for their poems for the Poetry Display.

Thank you to Nicole Alexander for speaking about her book ‘An Uncommon Woman’ in a Q and A session with Sarah Little. Thank you Sarah and all your staff at the Library for your help throughout the week.

Thank you to Lesley Hawker for organizing Year 10 students to complete some 3D chalk drawings on the pavement – absolutely spectacular.

Also, thanks to Sam Jessen for organizing St Mary’s students to sing and play down the street on Friday morning.

Will Day and Allan Caswell were a huge hit on Friday evening  and they also ran a song writing workshop on Friday.

Laura Jobling entertained us with a very moving Slam Poetry piece.

Billy tea and damper were the order on Saturday morning with Herb Wharton speaking about his life, sharing his poems and his books.

Matt Hetherington took some eager poets on a Haiku walk along the banks of the river. Thank you to Di Cairns from The Customs House for allowing these events to be held there.

Our Finale on Saturday evening was made possible through catering from The Larder, Apex for running the bar and The Victoria Hotel.

The performances certainly were thought provoking and entertaining and ably run by Toby Jessen with lighting and sound. Finally a huge thank you to Heather Scanlan, Ian Jones, David Stavanger and Carl Manton who discussed this idea two years ago and managed to bring it to fruition. The Argus ran a Poetry Competition won by Julia Thatcher of Goondiwindi and second place went to Ester Gardiner from Inverell.

The Macintyre Young Writers Committee have excelled themselves putting on this Festival and all have helped in so many ways. Thank you Nicola McKeowen, Di Brown, Lois Phillips, Michelle Sheridan, Di Donaldson, Robyn Lindores, Ian Jones, Lew Verney, Di Dalziel and Heather Scanlan.

Wendy Forsyth (President)

Macintye Young Writers

Writing competition

Who can enter? Entries are welcomed from writers 18 years and above from within a radius of 120km of Goondiwindi. There is no entry fee. When do entries close? Entries close on Friday, October 27, 2017.  Entries should be emailed to twendyforsyth@live.com. Pages should be marked only with the story title so that the writer is anonymous and known only to the Co-coordinator. A prize of $300 will be awarded to the winner and an encouragement award of $100 will be awarded to the runner-up.

What do I write about and how much should I write? Entries are accepted in any form of creative writing. Subject matter is limited only by your imagination. Adult entries should be limited to 2000 words.