Around the ridges: Two charged after stewards inquiry

The old adage, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire”, was again proved correct when NSW Stewards invited racing managers and trainers from the Godolphin camp to explain why they were not informed the horse Polemic had tested positive to “strangles”, a contagious disease that generally sees the whole stable isolated.

Rumours have been circulating of problems in the Coolmore Camp since main trainer John O’Shea “resigned”. According to reports, he needed a break from training, yet he applied for boxes at Randwick a few days later. But it all hit the fan when stewards opened the enquiry and produced evidence that alleged some people had decided not to report the problem to stewards.

Both John O’Shea and Henry Plumptre have been charged with giving false evidence at a stewards interview on June 16 and a stewards inquiry on June 27 last year.

O’Shea said he was disappointed to be charged and denied he had made a false or misleading statement, however Plumptre, who has resigned his position at Coolmore, pleaded  guilty to the charge but begged stewards not to disqualify him. His excuse for not reporting the incident was that he was heavily involved in a bad bullying charge at Godolphin’s Osborne Park. Godolphin vet Trevor Robson said he had informed both O’Shea and Plumptre of the positive test. An e-mail was produced that was sent to Godolphin employees including O’Shea and Plumptre from Dr Robson informing them a lab test showed the horse had tested positive to “strangles”

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