Organ donor's family shares their personal story

It’s Organ Donor Week and no one understands just how important becoming a donor is than Goondiwindi mum, Mary Bourke.

Thinking about becoming a donor? Then read this heartfelt message from Mary.

Two years and six months ago we said “goodbye” to our beautiful Georgia Bourke.

This was the day that my heart broke as it didn't seem fair and she was so young and beautiful.  On this day, Georgia became an organ donor.

This was the hardest decision that we had to make as a family but we knew it was the right one for our family as we had done the same thing 10 years earlier with Georgia's beautiful Auntie Toni Bek Flage.

Rod (Georgia’s father, who sadly died from the same condition which took his daughter  and his sister) and I had had this discussion that no matter how hard it was, our family would become donors. Never did we believe that we would have to do this.

Last week was Organ Donor week (July 30-August 6) and I'm asking you to have this discussion with your family, whether you decide to become an organ donor or not it is your personal decision and it's not for everyone, just make sure that your family know what you want, you never know you may save someone's life.

Toni and Georgia had the honour of changing a dozen people's lives they were able to help a child who needed a new liver, a young man whose heart was failing him and helped an old man to see again.

This choice is not for everyone and I pray that you never have to make this decision, but remember in great sadness can come great happiness not always in the way we would like it, but we don't always get to choose.

Please feel free to share as one day we may be in a position that we need a donor.

Each year, events are held across Australia during DonateLife Week to encourage all Australians to register and to discuss their donation decisions with their loved ones.

Did you know only one in three Australians have joined the Australian Organ Donor Register, even though 81 percent believe registration of donation decisions is important?

And registration is important – nine in 10 families agree to donation when the deceased is a registered organ donor.

Proud mum, gorgeous daughter, Mary and Georgia Bourke.

Proud mum, gorgeous daughter, Mary and Georgia Bourke.

This drops to just 52 percent where the deceased was not registered and the family had no prior knowledge.

More than 1400 Australians are today waiting for a life-saving or life-transforming transplant. 

Think about becoming a donor. It makes a difference.

Think about becoming a donor. It makes a difference.