Andrew O'Brien previews round 12 of the The Toowoomba Rugby League

I think we are all guilty of a Madsen Rasmussen hangover but we are seven weeks from finals but more importantly all sides play just six matches given byes. So it is game-on this weekend.

The everywhere man, Ronnie David. Pic courtesy of Michael Lynn.

The everywhere man, Ronnie David. Pic courtesy of Michael Lynn.

Saturday Night (6.30pm) at Herb Steinhort – Valleys V Goondiwindi

Valleys will be on a high after last weekend. It will be interesting to see what team the Roosters come up with given their injury list. The trick will be for Valleys to perform after coming off last week’s high.

Goondiwindi is in the same of the other none teams this weekend. They had a weekend off and didn’t bash each other like their opponents this weekend. I can see the Boars looking at an opportunity here but Valleys for mine.

Saturday Night (6.30pm) at Club Pittsworth – Pittsworth V Warwick.

Cowboys are in the same mode as last round. Another crunch game! The corresponding game last season was the game of the year. In that game, it was a brutal affair and somehow, I think this match will be no different. Match of the round for me. Pittsworth to win at home!

Saturday (6.30pm) at Kuhls Road – Highfields V Brothers

It has bamboozled me why Brothers are playing the way they are this season given their roster. They have the players but just haven’t performed. They will take something out of their loss to Gundy last round. I think Highfields will be too strong. They were excellent in their loss to Dalby last round which is still the game of the year so far for me.

Out of all the teams, I think Highfields will appreciate last weekend’s break. It’s game on for the Eagles with six games (seven weeks) till finals.

Sunday (2.30pm) at Trevor Mickleborough Oval – Oakey V Gatton

My spies told me that the Bears were good the last two rounds where they played both of the Madsen Rasmussen finalists. They were very competitive and with a lengthy injury list. They will certainly be a handful for the Hawks. Gatton have not been in the spot light as much as they are use to over recent seasons. The Hawks have the cattle and they will need to show whether they will give this comp a shake or not in this game as many spies have written them off this season. That is exactly how the Hawks like it.

Still Gatton for me but is a close one!

Sunday (2.30pm) at Clive Berghofer Stadium  – Souths V Wattles

Souths have six games left (18 points) to have any chance of finals footy. Oh yeah, and by the way, so do Wattles. The Warriors are two games above Souths on the ladder. Does that mean anything? Not really, but it is game on come kick off. Wattles will be without Matt Duggan who is on rep duty whilst Souths start their “post Daniel Holmes injury” period.

I’m actually leaning towards Wattles for this one as they have played well without their star this season plus they probably have more at stake.  Whereas Souths weren’t good in the second half against Pittsworth last round. Still it is a worthy of the Hutchies match of the round