The Rob Patrol puts the spotlight on crime in Goondiwindi

On patrol. Rob Mackenzie is putting the spotlight on crime.

On patrol. Rob Mackenzie is putting the spotlight on crime.

Security guard and Goondiwindi Regional Councillor, Rob Mackenzie has taken feedback from a new neighbourhood watch Facebook Page and ramped up his own town patrols.

He began his own patrols on the quiet last week but after seeing the frustration and anger of residents he’s decided a more visible approach is more appropriate.

And he has history on his side.

“Quite a few of us got together about 15years ago because of assaults, break-ins and burglaries. It helped clean up the problem.”

And he’s hoping it will work again.

“It’s all about being more visible and being where police aren’t, as a back for the the great job they are doing,” he said.

He made the announcement on the Goondiiwndi Neighborhood Page on Saturday and he soon has numerous volunteers to ride with him.

On Monday he posted: Good night last night, a bit of movement around but hopefully nothing damaged or stolen. Police were everywhere, congrats to them. Thanks to my "side kick" last night and I've got ‘em lining up for the next few shifts. This is a great site to up date people like myself and the police probably monitor it as well,” he said.

With monitoring the appropriate word for how the patrols will work.

“We won’t be trying to catch anyone. We’ll be out with the spotty and if we see anything we pass it all on to the Police.”

He backed up the message from the Goondiwindi Police. As frustrating as it may be we just have to be so much more careful and aware. We have to shut up, hide the keys, lock the doors.”

He also urged residents to help and not knock the Police. “They want to get these blokes as much we do, maybe even more. I see what they do and they certainly aren’t sitting back at the station drinking coffee as some people seem to think,” he said.

“To get on top of this, it has to be a team effort. It’s no-one’s fault but the blokes doing the crime.“

Officer-in-Charge of the Goondiwindi Police, Sgt Richard McIntosh said he can’t highlight how important it is to lock up.

“They (culprits) have told us they just keep going until they find a place that is open or a car that isn’t locked,” he said.

He urged residents to put their car keys in a safe place that isn’t visible.

“You wouldn’t leave $30,000 next to the back door, don’t do it with your keys,” he urged.

You wouldn’t leave $30,000 next to the back door, don’t do it with your keys

Sgt Richard McIntosh

Want to help? Message him on Facebook.