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Victorian trainer Darren Weir has become the first Australian trainer to achieve the amazing feat of winning 400 races in a season.

He set the mark last Wednesday on his home track of Ballarat when Ancient King saluted in the hurdle race.

To put this in perspective when Darren set a new record last season with 348, this broke the previous record of 334 set by John Hawkes which had stood for 13 years.

Just what the new record will be is anyone’s guess as we still have one-and-a-half months to go in the current season.

Darren has trained 152 metropolitan winners including eight Group ones and 47 Stakes races with around $23million in prizemoney.

Looks like the “Musical Chairs” of changing stables at Randwick could be almost complete.

When John O’Shea pulled the pin on the Godolphin job it set off plenty of activity.

The reason?

Who knows? 

All sorts of stories floating around they range from John and the Melbourne crew had a few “blues”.

The team was finding it hard to win, the stallion making group ones and the one that keeps circulating is John’s  favourite jockey,  James McDonald, who copped 18 months for betting, was promised his job back when he had finished his time but was over ruled by the boss Henry Plumptre.

Anyway James Cummings, Bart Cummings’ grandson was offered the position and accepted.

This meant Leilani Lodge, the famous Randwick stables, where many of Bart’s champions were housed over the years, became vacant.

Bart’s son Anthony quickly made application to move his horses to Leilani Lodge to keep the famous Cummings stables in the family.

This has been approved after some renovations are carried out by NSW Racing.

Anthony’s stables won’t be vacant for long with the announcement that John O’Shea will be moving into the complex to return to the training ranks.

(Could see some competitive riding if one of the Godolphin’s and one from the O’Shea camp ridden by James McDonald settle down to fight out a close finish.)

A woman went to her doctor’s room for her annual examination.

Suddenly another older doctor noticed her burst out of the examination room screaming and ran down the hall.

He stopped the hysterical woman, sat her down and asked why she was so upset.

A few minutes later the older doctor marched into the young doctor and demanded,”What’s the matter with you? Mrs Brown is 63 years of age, has four grown children and seven grandchildren, and you told her she was pregnant?”

The young doctor smiled, as he continued to write on his clip board, “Cured her hiccups though didn’t it?”

And here’s another for parents with teenagers.

SCENE: My teenage daughter and me in the car.

Lauren: Dad, do you know what the most commonly used letter in a girl’s name is?

Me: Hmm, is it a consonant or a vowel? (Silence.)

Please tell me you know what consonants and vowels are.

Lauren: You’re no fun, Dad. Forget it.

Me: What is a vowel?

Lauren: OK, OK. A vowel is … ahh … eh … well, oh … uh …

Me: Close enough.