It could take weeks before she gets the all clear

A woman has been doused in the deadly herbicide Paraquat.

The Goondiwindi Fire Brigade and the Goondiwindi Ambulance Service rushed to a property west of Goondiwindi near Bungunya on Friday afternoon around 2.30pm.

Due to the toxicity of the herbicide, the victim could not be transported by ambulance.

A workmate who was with the woman at the time of the accident, raced her into the Goondiwindi Hospital.

They were both washed down with fire hoses near the river car park at the Goondiwindi Hospital.

Fire Brigade members had to wear protective clothing.

Police and the Goondiwindi Fire Brigade had cordoned off the hospital and owners were asked to move their cars before their arrival.

Both the women and her work colleague were treated at the hospital before being airlifted out for further observation and treatment.

Paraquat, a broad-leaf herbicide used around the world, is highly toxic if ingested. It’s believed, the woman, in her early 20s, had not ingested any of the chemical.

It could take a number of weeks to determine if there will be any side effects to exposure.

The entrance to the Goondiwindi Hospital was cordoned off briefly.

The entrance to the Goondiwindi Hospital was cordoned off briefly.

The Goondiwindi Hospital was cordoned off by the fire brigade and police but has now re-opened.

The woman has been airlifted to Brisbane.

Her condition is unknown.