We're friendly but burdened by drugs, violence and boredom

Why is Goondiwindi being called a boom town?

For many reasons and certainly more than the positive economic outlook. We are friendly and inclusive for one. But sadly, like communities across our nation, we are stuggling with drugs and domestic violence.

Nearly 80% of respondents to the Care Goondiwindi Annual Community survey said living in a friendly and inclusive community was the greatest advantage of residing in the region. With a record number of people responding to the annual survey, Care  Manager, Tracy McDonald said the organisation had gleaned invaluable information it will use to meet community needs.

“We received information from a broad section of the community, most of whom felt we live in a great region with good community facilities and a friendly culture,” Tracy said. “However, most outlined the region’s concerns as domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, youth boredom, unemployment, and a lack of affordable housing.

“These are certainly issues we are aware of and are committed to tackling through a variety of projects, as well as by discussions with community stakeholders such as the Regional Council, Drug Arm and the PCYC.” Tracy said that with the leadership of a skilled Board and dedicated staff, Care’s organisational strategy for the next few years was targeted at achieving strong and functional families in the region.

Tracy McDonald.

Tracy McDonald.

“We want to be sure we understand what the community needs are and how we can best serve local families with the resources we have. That’s why we undertake this survey each year, and it’s also why we really appreciate people taking the time to fill in the survey - whether online or by walking in to our office and obtaining a paper version. If you didn’t get your chance to have a say this time around, please make sure you do when we run the survey again in October. We want the survey results to be representative of the whole community so we can continue to make a difference.”