Kaloma helps regional seniors stay at home

Just because the years are slipping by, and those daily chores are getting harder, it doesn’t mean you can’t stay at home.

Kaloma Home for the Aged CEO, Penni Roberts said help is at hand.

Whether you are in Goondiwindi or from Yelarbon to Toobeah.

The Kaloma Home Care Program can provide a service to you in your home.

“Please call me at the office on 0746 711 422 should you wish to discuss how our excellent home care program service can,” she said.

“We want to support you to stay in your home for as long as possible.”

This story was first posted on the Kaloma Home for the Aged Facebook Page.

One of the interesting comments was from Yelarbon resident, Margaret Bremner who suggested the silos would look great if they were painted.

Patrick Flint replied he had talked to someone in a town whose silos had beenpainted.

“He said the town went from nearly being deserted, to a real tourist place now where people are coming to view the silos, and cafes,shops have all opened since, and its become really busy. Yelarbon really would benefit from this. We might get those shops going again.”

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