Boomi-Garah host night of Hollywood glamour

Boomi and Garah are famous for many things.

Great communities, great people and a real bush heartland.

For many years though Boomi especially has been best known for the Boomi BATS, a theatre group which performs to sell-out audiences every second year.

But it may soon have some competition.

Samantha Noon explains.

The Boomi BATS, They put on a great show and the inaugural Boomi-Garah Ball hopes to be as entertaining.

The Boomi BATS, They put on a great show and the inaugural Boomi-Garah Ball hopes to be as entertaining.

Imagine – you are being chauffeured to an event you have been looking forward to for months.

Gazing out the window at the perfect purple dusk, you let your mind wander to what the night may bring.

An evening filled with the promise of glitz, glamour and dancing – rich red sateen, glittering diamonds and showers of gold stars.

You are dressed to impress with barrel-rolled hair and a gown that glistens, and as you look down at your perfectly painted fingernails, you realise you cannot remember the last time you wore nail polish that wasn’t a bright tangerine colour splotched on the ends of your fingers by your toddler.

You are on your way to an event where you arrive like a star strutting along a luscious red carpet, lined with velvet rope and surrounded by persistent paparazzi.

You conclude you will proudly pose for the camera, as this is a rare occasion where you are dressed up and immaculate, as you have been able to leave the kids with their sitter – you need photographic evidence!

Looking lovingly across at your arm-candy for the night (aka your husband), you accept that you may not be winning the Best Dressed Couples "Oscar".

After all, it was a mammoth effort to even get him in off the tractor, showered and dressed in something other than Stubbie shorts and a work shirt in time for the 6pm bus leaving town.

You secretly roll your eyes as you hear him tell his mate next to him on the courtesy bus that attending the event “was the best idea he has ever had” - it took you three weeks to convince him it was a good idea to come!

A huge speed bump jolts you from your daydream as the bus hurtles through the night along the bumpy bitumen towards your destination – “A Night of Hollywood Glamour in the Outback” - The Boomi Ball. 

The Boomi and Garah Committees of the Gwydir Mobile Children's Service, consisting of local mums with children attending the Preschool, have come together to organise a major fundraising event. The Boomi Ball will be held on the 26th August, 2017 at the Boomi Memorial Hall.

The event will raise some much needed funds for various improvements to the Preschool’s resources, including the purchase of storage facilities for learning resources, shading and upgrading play area surfaces and planting memorial trees at both venues.

This will be the only fundraiser for the two Preschools for the next two years, and monies raised will also contribute towards the general operational costs to ensure their continued support of our children.

Guests will be treated to delicious canapes, a warm meal and decadent desserts featuring local produce and created by amazing local chefs – Kate Goodhew and Toby Osmond.

A fully licensed bar will be operating on the night, run by the Boomi Tennis Club.

There will be a selection of white, red and sparkling wines, several types of beer, selected spirits, and possibly even “shaken, not stirred” Martinis.  

Entertainment will be provided by local band, “The Local Lot” and will feature a vast array of music genres to suit everyone’s tastes. Keep an ear out for some tunes from your favourite movie soundtrack! The main event of the night is the charity auction, featuring quality items generously donated by local businesses.

Buses will be available to pick up and drop off guests from and to surrounding towns. Moree, Garah, Mungindi, Talwood and Goondiwindi will be among the towns from which the service will operate, however bookings are essential. 

Keep an eye on “The Boomi Ball” Facebook page for updates. Tickets will go on sale on July 1, 2017.

For further information: 

Samantha Noon (Ball Coordinator): 0406 373 628

Jess Verning:

Monique Cush: