Goondiwindi colour run draws crowd 400-strong | Video

Countdown: The 400-strong crowd gathered at the end of the gallop to do a massive colour throw. Photo: Wayne Pratt
Countdown: The 400-strong crowd gathered at the end of the gallop to do a massive colour throw. Photo: Wayne Pratt

FOUR hundred people stepped out in all-white on Saturday for the Gundy Gallop Fun Run.

However, as the day progressed into the evening all that could be seen was a sea of colours.

Care Goondiwindi community development coordinator Kirsty Dowling said numbers were down by roughly 100 but spirits were up for their second year of hosting the event.

“Care Goondiwindi and our PCYC collaborated last year to create a fun run here in Gundy. We knew they were growing quite popular around the nation so we decided to get our own,” she said.

The five kilometre track appealed to young and old, those under 14 were able to chose three kilometres and under six’s ran one kilometre.

“Some kids took on the whole five kilometres. It’s a fun run so it’s not timed, just a whole lot of laughter and smiles,” Mrs Dowling said.

Throughout the five, three and one kilometre a number of colour gauntlets were stationed to spread colour on each participant.

To add to the colour and make the power really stick, there were a number of water stations to cool down and drench fun runners.

“The highlight of the day were the smiles on everyone’s faces. It was genuinely a day full of fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.

“Another awesome part of the day was the colour throw right at the end. Everyone had a pouch of powder from their goodie bags and at the count of three threw it in the air to cover the crowd.”

Because of the assistance from sponsors each person’s goodie bag had a pouch of powder, a water bottle, wrist band and lollies. 

“Our sponsors also allowed us to cover costs so all of the money will benefit Care Goondiwindi and the PCYC directly.

“Care will use their funds to assist senior and dementia programs and the PCYC will focus their funding on youth programs. So everyone in the community has benefited from funds raised from the day.”

Mrs Dowling said without the help of both teams at Care Goondiwindi and the PCYC, the event would not have been a reality. “That also goes for our sponsors and wonderful volunteers. We had many volunteers put up their hand to help.”