Help make Red Roo's cotton adventure a reality

GUNDYLAND is about to have its very own children’s  story.

For two years Dutch couple Madelon Schouten and Ali Bigdeli have been travelling nomads following their passions and curiosity throughout the world.

Pictured are Dutch couple Madelon Schouten and Ali Bigdeli along with initial illustrations from the book by artist Masha Hedayati.

Pictured are Dutch couple Madelon Schouten and Ali Bigdeli along with initial illustrations from the book by artist Masha Hedayati.

At the time we interviewed Ali Madelon was busy on a chaser bin, harvesting out of town. 

 Which is how they came to be  in Goondiwindi the region that has become the inspirational source for their children’s book, “Redroo’s Cotton Adventure.”

 Starting in Goondiwindi, the couple then headed to Moree, Alice Springs and through to the Kimberley’s. 

Inspiration had hit Ali during his time in Goondiwindi and the story began to form as they travelled.

By the time they had reached Uluru the story had fully formed. It is fitting then that the story begins in Uluru when an adventurous young Redroo sets off armed with magic seeds and a magical scroll from Wiseroo that would lead the way to Gundyland. 

Ali brought the creativity and Madelon made it a story.

“When we arrived  the cotton crops were growing, and changing fast. 

They were beautiful and we just loved it.”

Staying for two or three days in Alice Springs the authors finished the story in the  Alice Springs Library. 

Authentic elements of their travel between Goondiwindi and Uluru have been used throughout the book. 

“In Uluru these rangers were telling us about the water holes and how sacred they are, and so I bought that to our story.”

People throughout Queensland have already become backers for the project but there has been only one Goondiwindi backer thus far.  

The authors are using a fixed crowd funding method.  

This means if the $5,500 target is met Redroo’s Cotton Adventure will be delivered to your door. 

 If they don’t reach the target your money will be refunded to your account.  

The money will go towards Printing Fees, illustration fees and legal fees. 

“The only thing I want is to publish the book, I just want to bring it to life,” Ali said.  

Illustrator Masha Hedayati a professional childrens book editor from Paris has come on board to illustrate the book. 

Ali and Madelon sending her photographs of the kangaroos and landscapes from their journeys throughout Australia. 

 Should the pair reach their funding goals in the next few weeks the illustrations will be complete by the end of December, the book printed in January and delivered to eager readers by mid- February.   

“It will teach your child where their favourite shirt is coming from, and the hard work that goes into the cotton that makes these products.”

“The book is not only fun and adventurous but gives children awareness about everyday cotton products,”   the author said. 

“Something we have learnt in travelling is to pay attention to what is around you, everything is always new and exciting for us, that makes it special.”

Ali quoted Roald Dahl, “I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast

 in life.  

“That if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. 

“Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. 

“Lukewarm is no good. 

Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.”

So you want to help make this dream a reality? 

And find Redroo eagerly waiting in your mailbox come February?   

Search Redroo's Cotton Adventure on Facebook or pre order your book here:

Madelon’s background with both business and children and Ali’s background in publishing have paired perfectly together to deliver this story, so close to the heart of our region.