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Peter Reith (back) disappointed on <i>Go Back to Where You Came From</i>.
Peter Reith (back) disappointed on Go Back to Where You Came From.

Reith should repent

RE PAUL Kalina's cover story last week: Peter Reith (Go Back to Where You Came From) could have shown what a real human he is by apologising to people he accused of throwing children overboard and then to the workers on the docks that he and his government helped to conspire against. Until he does both, he is delusional if he thinks the rest of us care about what he thinks.

Paul Fallon, Coburg

Bowled over by bad hair

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Howzat! Kerry Packer's War, but did you ever see worse wigs?

Sally Graham, Malvern

Hulme hits a six

LACHY Hulme's performance as Kerry Packer in Howzat! Kerry Packer's War was brilliant and one of his best roles yet. I'd be very surprised if he isn't nominated for a Logie or an AACTA Award of some sort. Well done, Lachy, and the rest of the cast.

Mel Johnson, Blackburn

Toast to the host

I MUST say my opinion of Sonia Kruger has turned 180 degrees since Dancing with the Stars. Back then, I found her look-at-me persona annoying. Now, as the Big Brother hostess, she is showing us that she has the ''mostess''. So pleasant, so empathetic, intelligent and engaging. If this is the real Sonia, she has a great future winning over viewers.

Chas Cleland, Illowa

Bad call, Fox

I WATCHED the Bledisloe Cup rugby international between Australia and New Zealand on Fox Sports on Saturday night but eventually had to turn off the sound because of the constant complaining by the commentators about the Welsh referee. The final straw came when the official gave Australia a penalty and a commentator cried out sarcastically, ''Oh, a miracle''. I don't suppose we can expect neutrality but a little objectivity would be appreciated.

Eddie Wilgar, Yarraville

Ginny's the tonic

HOW lucky we are to have Ginny Stein, the ABC's Africa correspondent. Her regular reports come from places that most of us would find far too terrifying to visit. She often seems to be working solo, which is even more admirable. Thanks for keeping us informed about important events in these scary, dangerous places and for giving a voice to the people there.

Merilyn Kelly, St Kilda West

More Vera, please

PLEASE, ABC, buy the rights to series two of Vera. A typically wonderful British detective show in the vein of Inspector Morse.

Pam Colenso, Drumcondra

Boxing clever with Tony

IT IS good to see Leigh Sales hitting her straps. Her penetrating interview with Tony Abbott revealed an intellectually lazy Opposition Leader who had not bothered to read the reasons provided by Dr Marius Kloppers for BHP Billiton shelving the Olympic Dam project in South Australia. It is hoped that Abbott (a Rhodes Scholar) will demonstrate more intellectual vigour in future and provide the electorate with some carefully thought-out and costed policies long before the next election. We deserve no less.

Edwin Tanner, Melbourne

Artful dodger

WATCHING Tony Abbott being interviewed by Leigh Sales on ABC's 7.30 (August 22) makes me wonder why he hasn't been offered a position on Carlton Football Club's forward line because his refusal to answer her questions showed that he is a better dodger than even Eddie Betts. Well done, Leigh!

Ron Hayton, Beaumaris

Tears for West Papua

THANK you, 7.30, for making Australians aware of what's happening on our doorstep by exposing the dire plight of the West Papuan people under the brutal rule of Indonesia. It was deeply saddening, harrowing and distressing to watch - we cried over the shocking scenes we witnessed - but are still glad you shed light on this tragic situation. It was filmmaking and reportage at its insightful best. It should stir our consciences into action.

Steven Katsineris, Hurstbridge

Shedding light on lacrosse

I'VE just come across an amusing show on Channel 31 on Mondays at 6.30pm called Fastbreak Lacrosse. I've never heard much about this game but feel a lot more knowledgable after watching quite a few excerpts from games with good dialogue. There are funny sketches between games, too. Unfortunately, it seems to be on only once a month. The team is to be congratulated and I hope we see more of it.

Anne Howard, Docklands

Extra serve of Audrey

PLEASE bring back Audrey's Kitchen. After all the try-hard cooking programs, this little gem is worth watching. It just makes me smile.

Sarah Viney, Werribee

Paralympic profiles

MY HUSBAND and I have really enjoyed the short profiles on Paralympic athletes broadcast before the 7pm ABC news. They are well produced, inspirational and respectful. It's such a pity all this good work is thrown out the window by the so-called comedy Kane & Disabled.

Beky Tully-Gibbens, Greensborough

Viewers left adrift

I AGREE with last week's letter re: the demise of SeaChange. I was so enraged by the sudden disappearance of my weekly viewing highlight that I rang Channel Seven and was told SeaChange was on a short break. Why? I'm sick of channel programmers swapping programs willy-nilly with complete disregard for their viewers.

Lyn Hart, Hurstbridge

Concrete mix-up

A MESSAGE to all newsreaders. I am a structural engineer and nothing annoys more than a newsreader calling it a cement truck. The truck is carrying concrete. When was the last time you went to a hot-bread shop and asked for a loaf of flour? Please, get it right.

Peter Crawford, Mordialloc

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