Cold Case: Theresa Binge's death 10 years on

Who killed Theresa Binge?  July 18 will see the passing of another sad milestone in the seemingly unsolvable case. 

It will be 10 years since 43 year-old Theresa was last seen alive. She was seen leaving the Victoria Hotel in Marshall Street around midnight, in the company of a man.

After an extensive search on both sides of the border, her bruised and partially clothed body was found on July 29 under a roadside culvert on the road to Boomi, 10kms south of Goondiwindi. Forensic evidence indicates the crime was committed elsewhere before her body was dumped.

Exactly what happened remains a mystery, though at an inquest in Moree in 2008, Deputy State Coroner Jackie Millidge found the cause of death was “homicide by person or persons unknown”.

Theresa Binge’s family have waited 10 long years for an answer. “All we want is the truth. We will never forget, and we will never give up,” said Theresa’s sister Lili Bartholomew. 

She believes the truth will eventually come out.

“The guilt they are living with should be unbearable. They will have no peace until they tell the truth and admit what they did,” she said.

The New South Wales and Queensland Governments have offered a substantial joint reward for anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the murder of Theresa Binge.

No one has come forward and so the reward remains unclaimed. The case has been referred to the NSW Cold Case Justice Squad.

 “Someone knows something,” said Lili. “You wonder whether it’s someone you pass in the street, someone you see in a shop, is that the person, do they know something, were they involved? It’s very hard.”

Barwon Local Area Command (NSW Police Force) established Strike Force Flair to investigate the murder but after extensive inquiries, were unable to gather sufficient evidence to launch a prosecution. 

For the family, the pain continues. They’ve heard rumors of a confession; rumors a suspect had been arrested; they’ve endured phone calls from people claiming to know the truth and people vowing they will go to the police with what they know. 

“But they never do,” Lili said.

The march for “Theresa B” will be held on Saturday, July 20 in Goondiwindi, starting at 11a.m. The march begins in Anderson Street and finishes at the Town Park.

“Maybe this year is the year we get an answer,” Lili said.

The 2004 March for Theresa B.

The 2004 March for Theresa B.