Dinner to celebrate 20 years of Young Writers

PLANS are complete for the Macintyre Young Writers’ Awards’ 20th Anniversary Dinner.

It will be held on Wednesday, June 19 at 6pm at the Macintyre Room, O’Shea’s Royal Hotel.  

Tickets are available now at The Nook and Cranny Book Shop at a cost of $70.

Guests will be treated to an evening of variety with two  different authors; Rupert McCall, a “modern poet” who was previously a guest of MYW in 1996 and Dr Kári Gíslason.

By his own admission Rupert has grown and changed direction somewhat since his last visit, having recently published a new book of poetry, Book Antiqua.  He will perform some of his new poetry and perhaps some of his old favourites.

Kári, who will speak of his memoir, The Promise of Iceland, lectures in Creative Writing and Literary Studies at the Queensland University of Technology.  

He was born in Iceland and has a deep affinity with that country which has shaped his life.  

His story is both personal and moving.

While they are in town, both writers will work with small groups of talented students, Rupert at primary level and Kári with high school students.  

Macintyre Young Writers’ Awards is also pleased to announce that as an incentive to would-be writers, Kári will be available to workshop with adults, especially those who are considering entering the MYW competition for adults and need a starting point. 

 The workshop will be held at the Goondiwindi State Primary School Library at 5pm on Tuesday, June 18.  

To register your interest, call the Goondiwindi Town Library on 4671 7470. 

 Places for the workshop are limited, so attendees should book and pay the $30 fee as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

Meanwhile, time is going by for student writers to put pen to paper and get busy writing for the competition. 

 Word is that many enthusiastic children in town have already been busy doing just that. Entries close on Friday, September 13 at 5pm. School students are limited to 1000 words.