A beacon

In this producer's moment of utter despair and helplessness, the appreciation of the benefits these agreements would provide them and the fact it became a beacon of hope that gave them the strength and courage to fight on is a moment I will never forget. 

In simplistic terms, we have a population of 24 million but produce enough food for 75 million, so if we do not engage the world we will not have communities like Longreach, Charleville, Roma, Kingaroy or Dalby. We in Maranoa need to embrace the global economy...because the opportunities are boundless. We are not some economic backwater. Instead, we hold the keys to our own and the nation's prosperity. It is a matter of us grabbing it. 

When you define the strategic infrastructure needed to continue to forge Maranoa ahead and to complement its people, it comes down to one word: connectivity. It is a continual investment in telecommunications and transport infrastructure that connects our products to the world.

 More importantly, (connectivity through) telehealth  will allow people to be treated closer to their loved ones and homes. In education....It is abhorrent to think that the quality of education for children in Maranoa and other regional electorates is determined by their postcode...Iinitiatives (are in place) to keep families from having to leave the regions and, invariably, secures the precious human capital we need to be the most productive to build better regional communities.  Our roads and rail are the arteries of Maranoa. 

While I acknowledge the social and safety benefits of the coalition's $1.6 billion investment in the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing, the real beneficiary is Maranoa. Coupled with the inland rail, which is one of the great visionary builds of our generation, it will build the framework for innovation and investment that will deliver further opportunity to Maranoa. It will create an Australian export hub right on our doorstep...The story of Maranoa is 'just add water'. 

Maranoa contributes more per capita GDP than the Gold Coast, Toowoomba or Townsville. Three regional councils in Maranoa alone contribute more per capita than Brisbane city. 

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